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Centralised Cold Storage Monitoring Solution

Monitoring temperature is a crucial aspect when it comes to maintaining your cold storage equipment and incubators that require a specific temperature at all times. Every lab that is bound by stringent temperature ranges spends a considerable portion of each day recording temperature, humidity, pressure and flow readings. Low temperature environments in life science applications require secure, 24/7 monitoring to maintain specified temperatures and ensure the safety, purity and efficacy of pharmaceutical/biotech products. As worldwide regulatory organizations refine and establish guidelines for storing, processing, and transporting temperature controlled pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, there is an increasing need for better recording, more customizable reporting, and easy-to-use monitoring solutions.

Ensure that perishable food items are always maintained at the proper temperatures and environmental conditions with the early detection and monitoring devices offered by Enviro. Our technology is ideal for guaranteeing that cold storage facilities such as restaurant freezers, walk-in refrigerators and food warmers are always maintained at ideal conditions. In the event of a change, whether a freezer door was left open or a power outage occurred, early detection programs make sure the right parties know about the shift immediately in order to take action and prevent having to throw out inventory.

Limitations of Manual Monitoring System(Challenges):

Multi location Cold Storage Monitoring Solution:

  1. Manual Monitoring are time consuming.
  2. Human error.
  3. Possibility of undetected of fluctuation
    in measurement.
  4. Hamper Business Process.
  5. Bad Impact on product quality.
  6. Affect people’s health.


Data Loggers has been the common source of cold storage Monitoring option available to companies who have a dire need to monitor their products due to various regulatory requirements. The process was manual and tedious. Enviro Technology offers a unique solution for monitoring the freshness and quality of perishables.

Enviro’s Cold Storage Monitoring solution is focused on delivering cost effective, easily implementable temperature monitoring services. For cold storage facilities, it aids in preventing the loss of frozen goods and cold inventory. Any malfunctioning can be identified even at remote locations before your inventory is ruined and the workflow is impaired. Enviro provides an easy, customizable monitoring system that can be integrated within your existing production or distribution facilities. Some of the important function of our solution is discussed ahead. Our Entire solution is available to take care of multi location warehouse facility with centralised monitoring on web based software. Logistic Manager/QA Manager can get holistic view of different location by sitting at his/her own premise.  

  1. Data Collection:-

The high accuracy temperature measurement system(Sensor) are installed in the cold stores, freezers , warehouses and production areas was retain but new local data communication servers were installed to handle critical alarms locally and handle data from the high quality legacy systems and pass it to modern networked systems.
A hardware watchdog system ensures each of the data collection systems is working correctly and notifies staff immediately if any hardware problems are detected.


  1. Data Storage and Web Reporting:-

Environmental data is stored centrally, together with the calibration settings and system event logs, on a dedicated server located in the companies secure data centre. The data is fully secured and the data flows fully validated to ensure that the information stored is auditable by the FDA.
In addition to storing detailed records for FDA compliance the system also provides facilities managers with detailed information for managing the facility control systems (BMS). These include:

· Temperature distribution reports for each store,
· Trends showing the performance of the control   systems,
· Door open statistics,
· Alert and Event log summaries for selected   periods
· Plant room data & energy use
  For more detailed analysis, data can also be   exported to Excel, or other application software.


  1. Secure Alarm System:-

In these critical systems it is essential that any environmental changes are quickly notified so that any problems with the control systems can be resolved before it can impact product safety. To ensure security of alarming, even if the networked servers fail, each warehouse outstation generates its own alarms and environment alerts. It also controls a local warning siren.
Alarms and alerts are displayed on screens in the warehouses and security office. Each event requires staff to acknowledgement and to enter an explanation. These user inputs become part of the systems secure event log and any QA reports.
The alarm settings, and instrument calibrations are managed centrally on a secure server located in the data centre. Any changes to these critical settings are controlled centrally and subject to strict controls and audits.


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